Registration Policies

.uol registration policies are available here.

.uol eligibility policy only allows for Universo Online S/A (UBN Internet parent company), its affiliates and trademark licensees to register domains; eligible registrants should proceed through internal channels to get further information on how to apply for a .uol domain.

We take abuse issues very seriously, and consider many activities including copyright infrigement as abuse. Please see our registration policies with further detail on channels to address possible incidents including but not limited to:
  • Botnet command and control (a command and control infrastructure to manage a group of infected computers that receives orders from unauthorized users(s) through the network)
  • Child entrapment or abuse
  • Distribution of child pornography
  • Deployment of circular references within the Domain Name System (DNS) using resources of UOL, NIC.br and⁄or other Top Level Domains (TLDs)
  • Fast flux hosting (rapidly changing DNS records in order to prevent detection or mitigation of an abuse)
  • Phishing (unsolicited communication or Web page that poses as being from a known institution to trick users into disclosing personal, privileged or financial data)
  • Sending unsolicited bulk messages thru electronic mail, forums, instant messaging, mobile messaging, social networks or comment boxes
  • Theft of any online service
  • Unlawful or fraudulent actions
  • Willful distribution of malware (any kind of software that executes malicious action on a computer system, like virus, worms, bots, trojan horses and root kits)


Registration Data Directory Services for .uol domains are avaible at WHOIS. Policy and educational materials are available from ICANN.

Zone access policy

We comply with ICANN requirements on zone file access through CZDS. We reserve right to terminate any allowed access if misuse is detected, even ones with no expiration date.

DNSSEC Practice Statement

For information on how DNS Security (DNSSEC) is handled within .uol, please see our DPS.

Further UOL information

More information on UOL content and services available here.